My Horror of Wedding Preparation

It was the big day and I was a bridesmaid, probably as eager as she to celebrate this big day. I wanted it to go perfect for her because she is such a great person deserving of the world. But as luck would have it, or at least my luck anyway, things didn’t go as planned. Nevertheless, she pulled off an astonishing wedding that had us all in tears and is now happily a Mrs.

The bride selected silver for our dresses, but allowed us to choose our own silver bridesmaid dresses. I selected an elegant long floor-length mermaid style dress that was so beautiful. The problem was: the dress didn’t fit. Despite selecting my normal size, the dress simply wouldn’t go over my hips.

I took the dress to have it altered at one of the best seamstresses in town. Because I am a procrastinator and waited until the last minute, I only had one day. The dress still didn’t fit. Just when I thought that silver bridesmaid dresses weren’t for me and that I’d ruined my besties wedding for sure, I saw an ad on a local website offering bridesmaid dresses at discounted prices. I rushed over to the shop not expecting a lot, but to my surprise I found the same exact dress. This time it fit! I was simply amazed that I found the same dress but so glad that it fit.

I guess that luck was truly on my side that day. The wedding was great, and I, along with the rest of the bridesmaids looked great. Of course the beautiful bride really had the spotlight. She was absolutely beautiful in each and every way! I am so happy for her and the new love and life that she has now found. Isn’t love so sweet and simply special?